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OSCA MT4 Recreation Project

Glasspar G2 1953 Race Car ( made by Andreas Graf ) in 2017

Why I build cars ( made by Andreas Graf ) in 2016

Maserati 450s Recreation

Newest car in 2016

The dream car and the best I have build.

Maserati 450S Recreation Grip Motormagazin

The car has been also promoted in german TV at GRIP Motor Magazin see Link:

Apollo 3500 GT 2014 and 2015 at Classic Ride and DW Channel

Please click on the Link to see the Apollo movie that has been made in 2013 for 50 years anniversary of Apollo.

it is made with both of my cars Apollo #1016 and Apollo # 1062. Have fun.

English Version

German Version

Big Boys Toys  / Jezza Magazin 2014