Apollo 3500 GT

Year: 1963 , Vin # 1016

Apollo one of the rarest cars in the world. Only 77 coupes where made and this is #16 of it. A very early model with the 215 V8 Buick engine. Car is since 2001 under restauration and now in 2005 is it finished and back on the road. I will now concentrate my time on myApollo 5000 GT project.

This is in 2001, when i found the car in Netherland. Looks better that it was.

This is the car after 3 days of grinding the color off, everthing is now viewable.

The couchbuilding begins

This is the stage of February 2005 after the paint job in Rosso Corsa

Winter 2005 the car has a new electric system, Engine and gearbox is mounted and runs well.