F 500 Mondial Recreation

This is a chance to build you own 500 Mondial Recreation Based on a Alfa 2L Engine and Alfa Gearbox. The body is made in Fiberglass, Frame is a tube Frame in Steel ready to install all the donor parts of an Alfa Romeo Alfetta. Most of the design parts can be ordered as well, like Windshield, Necktail, Hoodlock, Headlight cover, Tank, Seats ... ask about it.

not longer available

Alfa Drive train              Gearbox unit            Rear suspension      Alfa Donor parts         front suspenion           frint suspension       windshield with frame

Headlight cover          Tank 30 to 60 Liter        Hoodlocks                   Necktail                   Necktail pillow            Dashboard

Tube Frame

thats a example how it could look, great car