FIAT 1100 S Barchetta by Gulio Raviola

Year: 1946

CHassis Nr.: 1100203743  / Engine Nr.: 1100R 245811

FIVA Nr.: 029196 / 2318

This is a very nice Fiat Barchetta, born in 1946 as Saloon car and Rebodied in 1968 as Barchetta by Gulio Raviola ( Documented ). The car is in very good condition and ready to use for several Events. Engine is the common Fiat 1100 Engine with Weber 32 twin carbs and special Cylinder head. Car sits on nice 15 Borrani Wheels. The car is registered in Holland right now. Body is Aluminium and very nice made, the trimming is in Black leather and in good condition. This car is a very good entry in the Barchetta scene and will be accepted in the most Events ( but not Mille Miglia )  

Price: please ask