500 Mondial Replica SD 500

This is a very rare SD 500 Mondial, Fiberglass Body in fantastic conditions. Alfa 2.0L 4 Zylinder engine. Build in 1974, Tube frame, runs on Wire wheels, 40DCOE Weber Carbs, 5 Speed gearbox, Adjustable shock absorbers and disk brakes. Car is freshly restored and  git a lot of period related parts. New Orginal look exhaust,new Steering Wheel Nardi anni 50, new intereur , Brakes overhauld ...

Car has now the german Historic Plate and is registered in germany. I have been with the car at the Mille Miglia 2011 this year and followed the race without any problem. The car is ready to use. Nothing to do on it, just turn the key.

Price: car is sold